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Diamond & Dawn

Diamond & Dawn
by Lyra Selene 

Lyra Selene comes back to the brilliant enchantment of Amber and Dusk in a second portion about the consumptions of even the most amazing dreams, and the quality of expectation in the midst of obscurity. 

Hallucination, triumphant in her overthrow of the Amber Empire, comes back to the Palais arranged to have her spot as Empress. With the help of her companions, Luca and Lullaby, and a conditional, blooming sentiment with Sunder, Mirage is on the cusp of grabbing hold of all that she has needed. 

Be that as it may, her place in the sun isn't as certain as she expected; nor is it very as splendid as she envisioned. 

At the point when the Empress Severine's body is recouped from the fight, she isn't dead all things considered - in a state of unconsciousness, she despite everything speaks to a danger to Mirage's freshly discovered force. More regrettable, a removed cousin, Gavin d'Ars, Duc de Douane, shows up in court to challenge the two ladies with his blood guarantee, and to propose a progression of preliminaries to decide the most meriting beneficiary. In Mirage's battle to guard her vision for the domain, she starts to fragment every last bit of her systems. Will the fight for control leave anybody untainted?


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