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Lies My Doctor Told Me

Lies My Doctor Told Me

Has your primary care physician misled you? 

Odds are he has, and in all likelihood unwittingly. On the off chance that you've been deceived by terrible restorative guidance your wellbeing will endure. It is time you find reality. Medicinal research is extending so rapidly that solitary the most committed specialists can stay aware of everything. Is your PCP that committed? 

Untruths My Doctor Told Me uncovers reality behind the falsehoods told by good natured specialists. Regardless of whether it's prescribing a low-fat eating routine, or cautioning you to dodge the sun, these therapeutic falsehoods can cause truly mischief to your wellbeing. 

Does your primary care physician despite everything prescribe that you maintain a strategic distance from cholesterol and eat bunches of entire grains? Shouldn't something be said about a paleo diet or ketogenic diet, have they been referenced in an office visit? Such an extensive amount the nourishment and way of life counsel specialists give is out and out wrong, and that can be hazardous. This book will assist you with figuring out the therapeutic fantasies and the through and through falsehoods, and start to build up a wellbeing organization with your primary care physician. 

This book will educate you: 

reality with regards to entire wheat's impact on the human body 

regardless of whether milk is beneficial for you 

the realities about fat admission on your heart wellbeing 

how the Food Pyramid appeared 

the perils and advantages of hormone treatment 

reality with regards to salt 

how specialists consider anticipation and sustenance 

substantially more


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