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Plant Parenting

Plant Parenting

Plant Parenting: (By Leslie F. Halleck)Easy Ways to Make More Houseplants, Vegetables, and Flowers 

"Everything a plant parent needs to take their plant assortment—and plant information—to the following level." — Maria Failla, organizer, Bloom and Grow Radio digital recording 

Do you have an enthusiasm for houseplants? A longing to develop more tomatoes? Do you need a nursery overflowing with bright blossoms? Regardless of what sort of plant fan you are, it's anything but difficult to make a greater amount of your preferred plants—and it very well may be accomplished for nothing! Plant Parenting is an apprentice amicable prologue to plant engendering. Leslie F. Halleck subtleties the essential apparatuses vital, demystifies seed beginning and sparing, and shares simple to-adhere to guidelines for the most viable methods. She likewise gives extra data on controlling nuisances and ailments and transplanting seedlings and cuttings. Beguiling, lavishly outlined, and available, Plant Parenting is for anybody hoping to make a greater amount of their preferred plants.


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