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I Am Watching You

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I Am Watching You by Teresa Driscoll is a captivating spine chiller. In spite of the fact that the reason is basic, the manner in which it's told is fascinating. 

Driscoll's spine chiller follows Ella Longfield, a flower vendor from a community. The story begins with Ella on a train catching two little youngsters become a close acquaintance with two convicts, who have recently been discharged from jail. Being a mother, she considers telling their folks before concluding she's being overprotective and meddling. The following the very first moment of the young ladies is absent.

The story gets a year later and we see endeavors to illuminate the riddle of the missing young lady from a few points of view. Ella, the dad of the missing young lady, her companion Sarah, and a private investigator all experience their lives frequented by the episode and attempting to comprehend it. Every section uncovers somewhat more about the evening of the vanishing and alludes to significantly more. The short parts never appear to reveal to you enough changing to another character's viewpoint and along these lines, the story keeps you snared. It's shrewdly composed and has a decent offset of feelings with the realities which develop the anticipation. 

The characters are all around characterized and changed, never excessively pleasant or great. From the private investigator who left the police to the confounded young person, all have a solid voice, regardless of whether the characters are marginally threadbare. The book understands quick, as it's both short and holding and the consummation is a finished astonishment. The individuals who like to anticipate the completion may discover the absence of hinting irritating yet the development of strain is justified, despite all the trouble. It is a decent book to complete on a flight.


Title: I Am Watching You

Author: Teresa Driscoll

Genre: Thriller

Publisher: Thomas & Mercer

Price: Rs 399

Pages: 300

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